- Miguel Angel Vargas / 范格斯 -
Born in 1973 in Madrid, Spain, at 16 years old, contact with first camera. Going through the traditional 35mm photography to modern digital photography
“Sometimes a moment in time feels so familiar”… 
Those words in themselves capture a feeling that makes me want to take a photograph. I try to capture that moment, that feeling that can bring back a memory, that someone, a special moment, just like the normality of our daily lives. 
Someone asked me what photography feels like. Photography is very passionate and comes with a high degree of sensibility. That very sensibility is what I wish to capture. 
Life is full of memories, memories can disappear with people but photographs are for ever. Just as a smell can bring back a specific moment in your life and can make your senses tingle and transforms into a feeling inside, I seek to create the same sensation with my photographs transporting every person at that moment from reality to a few seconds of exploring time and memories.

“…by means of a photograph we can discover the unknown, including something of ourselves, which can make us want to feel something new and observe those small details that can make us unique and leave their mark on our lives”…..Those words that someone told me, are very dear to me. It is one of the biggest rewards that can be given if my photographs can live up to those words spoken to me.

As says Paulo Coelho in his book “The Alchemist”, I also pursue my personal legend.

I would like to dedicate my work to all persons who have supported me and motivated me in my personal and professional development and in particular to one person who is always there for me, my beloved.
Miguel Angel Vargas.

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